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Your everyday leather tote bag

12 Aug




Thank you to all who came to the Design Christmas market in Oslo. It was fun! See you next year.

8 Dec














Expose yourself with a plastic purse

4 Dec

This plastic purse with leather details is a thing that can have hundreds of ways of using. You can use it to for a short walk when you don’t need many things with you, or as a travel purse to keep your passport and tickets, or to store important documents at home. We have different sizes, this particular purse is 26*22 cm (10,5*8,5 inch)._MG_4099


Rough looking shopping bag

4 Dec

This shopping bag looks like a paper bag, but is actually made of a rough and cool leather which looks like you’ve used it for hundred of years._MG_4112


A nude colour leather clutch

4 Dec

A nude colour leather clutch looks very special due to the neon zipper. _MG_4065


Leather inside, leather outside

16 Dec


Round the world with your transparent bag

8 Dec

IMG_9568 IMG_9571